World Series View of the Day: The one bad seat in Minute Maid Park

HOUSTON — Saturday brings us Game 4 of the 2017 World Series between the Dodgers and Astros. We’re back in Minute Maid Park and it’s time for another installment of the often (read: never) imitated but never reproduced internet sensation that is View of the Day. 

For this one, I wanted to see if this was truly a “not a bad seat in the house” ballpark. I’ve been walking around Minute Maid Park the past two days pretty often and have been pretty much everywhere and I love this place. I think if I did a ranking of the ballparks I’ve been to this one might land in the top five. 

I think I found a bad seat, though. 

Let’s journey over to section 103, which is right around the left-field foul line in the Crawford boxes area. Down to row 1 and seat 1, I find my spot. 


Front row on the aisle, meaning there are perks to this one. We’ve got a great view of the outfield, too. 


Great view of the whole outfield with a chance to get a ball while in the front row on an aisle. What’s not to like? Let’s check out our view of the infield, specifically looking toward home plate. 


Oh man! 

The good news is the aisle is to my left, so there’s a chance to lean and even move out standing in the aisle during close plays at the plate or stuff of that nature. 

Still, this is a clear obstruction. I’m not demoting Minute Maid Park from a fringe top-five ballpark, but there is a bad seat in the house. 

I’ll be back tomorrow for our final installment from Minute Maid Park this season. In the meantime, try to enjoy the game a fraction of as much as you enjoy View of the Day. 

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