WATCH: Mark Richt is really serious about his sandwich eating technique

Coaches can be extremely meticulous. When it comes to putting together a game plan, or designing a play, they pay attention to the details. A lot of the time, those details are the things separating a win from a loss, and in the long run, from having a job and not having one.

In the case of Miami coach Mark Richt, his attention to detail is not limited to running a football team, but eating sandwiches as well. Richt believes it’s important to get the most out of each and every sandwich, and that includes his foolproof way of eating them.

You see, the way Richt does it, he takes one sandwich and cuts it in half like so many of us do, but then he takes it even further. He breaks each half into a five-bite sandwich, and a five-bite sandwich is the equivalent of a five-star recruit.

It’s hard to win without the best players, and it’s hard to eat right without the bites.

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