WATCH: Dustin Pedroia shows why you always back up the play

During the late innings of Monday night’s Red SoxRangers tilt in Arlington (BOS 7, TEX 5 in 11 innings), Boston closer Craig Kimbrel shocked the world by blowing a save. Moments later, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia shocked us by performing a certifiable baseball miracle. Please enjoy … 

Pedroia backed up the throw to first, which wound up being a bad one, and he was quick enough to barehand the carom off the sidewall and back-pick Carlos Gomez after he rounded the bag. Certainly, some good luck was involved in that rebound, but Pedroia’s improvisational chops were on full display here. Excelsior!

Always back up the play, kiddos. Beautiful things can happen. 

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