Rat infestation spreads at Calif. elementary school

VILLA PARK, Calif. — A rat infestation continues to fester at an elementary school in Southern California, CBS Los Angeles reports.

More children have become covered in mite bites from rats and roaches that invaded a room at Villa Park Elementary School. The problem was supposed to have been taken care of, but students and staff are still dealing with the infestation. 

According to county experts, the rat problem is extensive. Several classrooms and buildings should remain closed until the infestation has been cleared out. 


Students and teachers were covered in itchy, red bites after rats invaded an elementary school in Southern California. 

Vector Control says any holes that are bigger than the size of a dime should be filled in to prevent rats from crawling into the classrooms. 

Officials say this needs to happen before the old building is torn down. Then, the rats must be trapped and exterminated, and the mites killed with pesticide. 

The infestation was first reported last week. Many students were moved to nearby Serrano Elementary School as a precaution. 

The superintendent says the school district is working to resolve the issue. 

A biologist with Vector Control says removal of the rats should happen when school is out for the summer. Otherwise, the mites problem will become even bigger. The school year ends on Thursday. 

Officials say the rats are roof rats, which don’t carry disease. 

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