LOOK: Texans’ J.J. Watt gives ‘broke college kid’ a new pair of shoes

J.J. Watt’s mentions are about to blow up like none other.

When someone with the Twitter handle @gavin_winter posted a tweet about not being able to afford J.J. Watt’s new $99 shoes — Watt himself told CBSSports.com that he “wanted to create something that everybody can afford” — due to being a “broke college kid,” Watt saw it and hooked him up.

“We’ve all been there,” Watt replied. He asked the student to DM him his address, saying, “I got you, Gavin.”

It’s hard not to wonder if there won’t suddenly be a lot more broke college kids on Twitter.

Watt and his brothers, Steelers rookie T.J. and Chargers fullback Derek, just inked new deals with Reebok for their signature cleats. After missing the majority of 2016 with a back injury, Watt is hoping to return to his 2015 form. His public persona is certainly no worse for wear. It’s always nice to see random acts of kindness from larger than life professionals.

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