LOOK: Bryce Harper asks about Dak Prescott while playing in MLB All-Star Game

For the 2017 MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, Fox decided to spice things up by holding player interviews during the game. 

What this meant for the viewer is that we got to listen in as Fox announcer Joe Buck held casual conversations with several players. Of course, when you’re holding a casual conversation, the topic can turn to anything, and that’s exactly what happened when Buck started an interview with Bryce Harper during the top of the fourth inning. 

Harper is a 24-year-old NFL fan, so naturally, he wanted to talk about his favorite team: the Dallas Cowboys

The whole interview went down while Tampa’s Corey Dickerson was batting.

Here’s how the conversation went down.  

Harper (while playing right field): I feel like I’m commentating like NFL Network with you right now. 

Buck (who is also trying to call the game while conducting the interview): One on, two out…

Harper: How do you think Dak’s gonna be this year?

Buck: I have not met a more impressive young player coming into the NFL in the time I have covered the NFL.

 He’s fun to watch. I mean, watching him on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays, that guy — him and [Ezekiel Elliott] — I mean, unbelievable. It’s a lot of fun.

Buck: It is.

(You can see the entire interview by clicking here)

Prescott was watching at home, and if his Twitter feed is any indication, he definitely seemed to appreciate the shout out, especially coming from Harper, who lives in the heart of Redskins country. 

Harper, who’s a life-long Cowboys fan, always does his best to show off his support for America’s team. 

Back in February, he showed up at WWE’s Raw while wearing a Cowboys hat. 

Basically, he’s always wearing a Cowboys hat. 

Redskins fans, you will be happy to know Harper does like the Redskins, he just doesn’t like them as much as he likes the Cowboys. 

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