Georgia releases signee following arrest for allegedly assaulting mother of his child

Late Saturday night, Athens-Clarke County police officers were called to the area near the Waffle House location for what amounted to a domestic violence incident involving Demery allegedly “choking (strangling) a female.” Police were able to reach the victim by Boar’s Head Lounge.

“Upon arrival, both individuals had left the area,” the police account reads. “Moments later, the victim called 911; advising that she wished to press charges against D’Antne Demery for hitting her. Contact was made with the victim in front of Boars Head (sic). She stated that she and Demery got into an argument; he began to get loud, she started to walk off, he told her ‘walk off again, and Imma show you’. She began to walk away again, at which point, Demery came from behind her; grabbing her on the back of her neck; pushing her against the wall, and also grabbing her by the hair.”

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