Despite trade rumors, Jahlil Okafor ‘couldn’t be happier’ playing in Philadelphia

When Jahlil Okafor was drafted by the 76ers, it was not a marriage made in heaven. Philadelphia had already drafted Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid in previous drafts. On top of that, Okafor’s traditional back-to-the-basket style didn’t mesh with the Sixers’ system. He just did not fit in.

He’s been involved in numerous trade rumors and there was a point last season where he didn’t arrive for a road game because there was a large sense that he was going to be traded at any moment. However, Okafor has remained professional with the organization saying that while he’s thought of playing elsewhere, he is not demanding a trade.

“I have, I hear trade rumors and stuff like that, realizing that having a new scenario, think it might be better than what it is now. When it comes to the NBA, this is all I know is wearing a Sixers uniform. And the city’s been great to me, the coaches have been great to me, and my teammates have been great. So I couldn’t be happier.”  

The Sixers have always had an odd relationship with Okafor and it wouldn’t be surprising if he wasn’t happy in Philadelphia. Constantly being on the trade block like that can have a negative effect on the relationship. However, Okafor appears to be taking it all in stride and is behaving like a professional.

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