Chris Christie takes on angry caller on N.J. sports radio show

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie feuded Monday with a constituent who called into the sports radio show that the governor was guest-hosting.

“Governor, next time you want to sit on a beach that is closed to the entire world except you, you put your fat*** in a car and go to one that’s open to all your constituents — not just you and yours,” said a caller, who was introduced as Mike from Montclair, New Jersey.

“I love getting calls from communists in Montclair,” said Christie, a Republican. 

“You’re a bully governor, and I don’t like bullies,” the caller said.

“I’m not the one who came on the air…swore on the air…you’re swearing on the air, Mike. You’re a bum,” Christie replied.

Christie said that in his last election in 2013, he won 19 out of 21 counties and received 61 percent of the vote, but he said, “I lost Montclair.”

He was filling in Monday for retiring sports host Mike Francesa on WFAN660. He was heavily criticized over the July 4 weekend when he was spotted lounging on a beach in New Jersey that he was forced to close due to a partial government shutdown due to an impasse over the state’s budget.

Christie, 54, has one of the lowest approval ratings among governors, dipping to around 15 percent this year. He’s serving his last year as governor, with his second and final term ending next January. He has served as governor of New Jersey since 2010 and ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. 

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